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Introduction to gardening with Edentro, frequently asked questions and recommendations
Gardening with Edentro

Edentro Full Sun Lights are the only safe way to power plant growth indoors to the fullest, and are U/L listed for indoor use. These lights are several times stronger than T5 fluorescent lights, safer than high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide, and more cost effective than an LED lighting system.

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Edentro Indoor Gardens

give you the power to grow full, viable, and luscious plants all year round. Using it will free you from digging and daily watering, can save you money on groceries, improve your home air quality, jumpstart outdoor gardens, and protect you from common contaminants.

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Are you interested in gardening indoors so that you can enjoy fruits and flowers year-round in an easy way? Edentro gardens give you control over the lighting and nutrient conditions that are right for most of your favorite plants. By gardening indoors you can harvest fresh organic produce while avoiding the weather, soil, and pests of the outdoors. Edentro also eliminates your exposure to environmental contaminants, such as e. coli. or mercury. Better still, with our low prices you should be able to make a return on your investment in less than one year and reduce your ecological footprint.

At Edentro, we invented the first water-based gardening system intended for growing plants in offices and residences with a minimum of effort and cost to you. The system is made up of two parts: Edentro Full-Sun grow lights use energy saving bulbs for safe and aesthetic lighting, and Edentro Gardens bathe plant roots in a mixture of water and organic nutrients for competition-free, contaminant-free gardens that only need to be watered once every 7-14 days.

All Edentro products are proudly hand made in Maryland by U.S. citizens. Our systems were designed with dedication and common sense, and therefore will last well over 10 years with little maintenance, and are very easy to modify, move, or service compared to other systems. Also, our manufacturing process is the only wholesome one, and uses no glues or solvents which could leech into plants that you may be eating.

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Several dozen pounds of ripe Zucchini have been harvested. The corn we are trying to grow is almost 2 feet tall now. Meanwhile indoors, ripe red campari tomatoes continue to be picked.

The first Edentro blackberries have been picked and eaten! These were grown in the Edentro One-Plant unit. Most of the berries are still turning red.

Pole Lima Beans are beginning to form flowers

Evangeline strawberries continue to ripen indoors and outdoors. Also, petunias continue to surprise us with brilliant new flowers.

Edentro Outdoor Gardens allow you to garden outdoors without digging, tiling, fertilizing, or damaging the lawn, while increasing yields and dramatically decreasing watering requirements. Edentro outdoors boasts a full return on investment in one growing season.

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Our Systems Can Use Organic Nutrients.